Assets valuation services

Assets valuation services

Valuation services have been started in “VERITEX” Group in the beginning of 2000-th responding to the growing demand of different branches of economy in determination of actual value of all types of assets.

New dynamic to this activity growth was marked in the Year 2010 when “VERITEX” Group valuation team was enlarged by full group of valuers of Black Sea Region of the international technical society “BUREAU VERITAS”. This brought to the practice of our activity in valuation area principles and standards most widely recognized and accepted in international valuation community.

In the frame of “VERITEX” Group following companies are involved in valuation services of different assets and businesses: 


Limited Liability Enterprise with Foreign Investments «VERITEX» 

  • certificates issued by the State Property Fund of Ukraine № 16/20 dated 13.01.2020,  № 018/17 dated 13.01.2017, № 842/15 dated 03.11.2015, №15151/13 dated 09.09.2013, № 9940 dated 09.09.2010;
  • license АВ № 553818 от 28.10.2010 of State Committee of Land Resources of Ukraine;


Limited Liability Company «VERITAS Appraisal» 

  • certificates issued by the State Property Fund of Ukraine № 191/19 dated 04.03.2019, № 841/15 dated 03.11.2015, № 14415/13 dated 28.02.2013.


Limited Liability Company «VERITEX Appraisal» 

  • certificate issued by the State Property Fund of Ukraine № 831/19 dated 25.10.2019 ;


In accordance with authorities granted and licensed received as well as staff qualification available “VERITEX” Group of companies is fulfilling the valuations services in full scope of directions specified by national legislation, including:

1. Material assets

1.1. Tangible assets including land;

1.2. Plant and equipment;

1.3. Land transport means;

1.4. Aircrafts;

1.5. Ships;

1.6. Cultural Values.

2. Complete Property Complexes and Intangible assets.

2.1. Complete Property Complexes and intangible assets.

2.2. Intellectual Property.


Services on determination of assets fair value for the purpose of reflecting in the financial statements in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) “VERITEX” Group is performing in partnership with leading international and national auditing companies, including E & Y, KPMG, PwC, Deloitte&Touche, Baker Tilly, BDO, Kreston, Mazars, Grant Thornton, Kiev Audit Group and others.

Based on accreditations granted and procedure of reports recognition “VERITEX” Group delivers services on valuation and monitoring of security assets for the National Bank of Ukraine, Deposit Guarantee Fund of Ukraine, Ukreximbank, Reiffeisenbank Aval, Oschadbank, Ukrsibbank/BNPParibas, ING Bank, International Investment Bank, Megabank, RwC Bank, TACkombank, OTP Bank, Credobank, Bank Pireaus, FUIB, Prominvestbank, Alfa Bank, Ukrsotsbank. This list is constantly enlarging.

Basic operations on assets valuation are under execution of more than 20 certified valuers of the Group. All qualified valuers are members of the leading national self-regulated professional organizations including Ukrainian Society of Appraisers - UTO, Association of Valuation Specialists - AFO, Association of Banking Valuation of Ukraine - ASBOU.

Lead specialists of the Group are certified by the Royal Institute of Certified Surveyors RICS, the European Group of Valuers Associations – TEGoVA and World Association of Valuation Organization WAVO. 

Professional indemnity of “VERITEX” Group valuers is insured by the voluntary insurance contract.

Existing network of offices, representatives and partners organizations covers all regions and oblast centers of Ukraine. That afford to bring valuation services directly to the assets and perform them in a short notice.

Dynamic growth of the valuation scope of work lead to impressive increase in number of clients in different branches of economy. Permanently growing number of clients is equalling now already several thousands.